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Quality Workshop

Rongdian Switchgear Factory is a leading Electricity Distribution Equipment, Electrical, Mechanical Engineering Company of China, providing a broad range of services to various industrial and commercial EPC projects. Rongdian Switchgear Factory is engaged in designing, manufacturing,testing and commissioning of electromechanical equipments such as switchgear, switchboard, panel board, switch gear panel or switch gear board and other electricity product.

Rongdian Switchgear Factory an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certified company and is committed to provide best quality electricty equipment for customeirs, using the most advanced technology complete with engineering expertise and proven project management capability. Rongdian Switchgear Factory is also committed to execute all the assignments in professional manners at all levels to achieve best quality product. To control these high technical standards, all Switchgear is manufactured in our own factory under strict quality control according to the latest ISO 9001:2008 regulation and other international production standard. Rongdian Switchgear Factory is always in a position to advise you with the best technical and economical solution possible with best quality electricity products.

Rongdian Switchgear Factory has its own Research and Design department under the able supervision of experienced and qualified engineers for the various fields of activities mentioned above to make sure zero defect of those electricity distribution switchgears. 

Research and design department of Rongdian Switchgear Factory is also engaged in the designing of complete systems at all levels for low and high voltage switchgear, prefabricated transformer substation, electricity distribution cabinet and other electricity equipment.

Rongdian Switchgear Factory has a competent team of professionals for project management, Erection Testing and Commissioning of followings:

Switchgear and Control gear 

Over head Transmission Lines and Road Lightening 

Cable lying and termination 

External and internal Electrification of Industrial Building and other EPC projects.

To provide cost effective, high quality and technically electricity distribution solution to our customer according to National & International engineering standards and practices.

To produce durable and high quality Switchgear / Control gear by using advanced technologies innovation and development with the help of expert and professional staff.

To build and maintain a reliable Quality Assurance System and human oriented working atmosphere. Client's need and requirement will be given due priority.

Rongdian Switchgear Factry execute Quality Policy strictly. Rongdian Switchgear Factory is committed to: 

Provide the best quality switchgear, switchboard, panel board, switch gear panel or switch gear board and other electricity product with best services at competitive prices for entire satisfaction of Customer.

Enhancing our reputation for quality in all our operations.

Promoting mutual trust with customers based on best quality electricity products we provided.