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6S Management Workshop

Rongdian Switchgear Factory is one of the most influential manufacturer in China, a professional manufacturer for worldwide market, located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. With an ordinary beginning but extraordinary growth, its development speed accomplishes its high quality products. With internationalized vision and foresight, taking part in the globalized fierce competition, Rongdian Switchgear Factory is heading forward upstream and advancing with each passing day!

Rongdian Switchgear Factory has passed three systems ISO9001:2008 Quality System Certification, ISO14001:2004 Environmental System Certification and OHSAS18001:2007O Occupational Health and Safety Management System, which is seldom acquired by other companies in the same field. Rongdian Switchgear Factory is professionally engaged in developing, producing and selling switchgear, switchboard, panel board, switch gear panel or switch gear board and other electricity equipment.

Rongdian Switchgear Factory is a high–tech enterprise integrating R& D, production and selling of switchgear, switchboard, panel board, switch gear panel or switch gear board and other electricity equipment, with more than 50 R&D engineers engaged in design and research for those electricity products. Rongdian Switchgear Factory can provide perfect vertical and integrated electricity distribution solution for customers. We do our best to provide customers with stable, high quality and competitive products.

In order to promote our internatioanl management level, Rongdian Switchgear Factory begins to implement 6S inspection standard and checking up system.  According to the 6S and refined 6S for the workshops, each staff in workshop should comply with the “Every Second 6S, Everything 6S” rules. Each team should inspect the work site. The workshop should do at least twice weekly check about the 6S controlled state about the related staff and monthly check about each team. 

SEIRI-All items on the working scene are classified as useful cargoes and useless goods, except for useful ones left and others cleaned up. 

Purpose: To make room for space, to prevent misuse and maintain a clean working environment.

SEITON-The left necessary items should be placed to the specified position neatly and be marked. 

Purpose: The workplace is clear at a glance, eliminating the time to find those items, neat work environment, and eliminating excessive material cargoes.

SEISO-Cleaning up the visible and invisible places in the working place, keeping the workplace clean and bright, creating a good working environment. 

Purpose: Stable quality, reducing industrial damage.

SEIKETSU-Those processes of SEIRI, SEITON and SEISO will be carried out to the end and be institutionalized in daily management. The environment will always be kept clean  and beautiful. 

Purpose: To create a clear scene and maintain the results of above 3S implementation.

SHITSUKE-Each member develops good habits and follows the regulation to do work, developing a positive spirit (also known as habit). 

Purpose: Promoting the formation of good behavior habits, cultivating employees who follow the regulations of company, carrying forward teamwork spirit.

SAFETY-Paying more safety education attention to members, always having the concept of safety firstly, taking precaution measures at any time.

Purpose: To establish and maintain a safe environment of production, all works should be based on safety.

"6S" is related to each other. SEIRI, SEISO and SEIKETSU are specific contents. SEIKETSU is the result of above mentioned 3S practiced under institutionalizing, standardizing, implementing and maitaining. SHITSUKE means to cultivate each employee to develop a good habit and abide by regulation to do work. It is easy to carry out 6S, but long term maintenance must rely on the improvement of SHITSUKE. Safety is the foundation. Life must be respected. Violations should be put an end forever.