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Company Scene

Rongdian Switchgear Founded in 1995 and started with a primary focus of  serving the electrical service industry with quality switchgear, switchboard, panel board, switch gear panel or switch gear board and other electricity control panels. Since conception, Rongdian Switchgear Factpru has moved from strength to strength, with main focus of providing customers value through quality products and responsive service. Today, Rongdian Switchgear Factory offers a broad line of electrical switchboard, electrical switchgear products and onsite testing services and annual maintainance of high and low voltage switchgears. As Rongdian Switchgear Factory looks to the future, the company remains committed to continued product and service developments to improve the overall performance, reliability, and protection of the electrical power systems of our clients.

Rongdian Switchgear Factory is technology Partner with ABB, GE, Schneider in China. Rongdian Switchboard is the standard solution for Building and Industrial EPC project, as a electricity power distribution board can be used as withdrawable as well as plug in and fixed mounted units, these boards permit space optimized integration of unit combinations for motor controls, safety relays and frequency converters. Every switchboards would be made exclusively from standardized modules of high quality which confirms to the design specification. Rongdian ensures our switchboards conform to the stringent International standards, Local regulations and requirements of leading Consultants.

Rongdian Switchgear Factory has setup a fully functional panel design and testing facility. With sophisticated digitally controlled machineries and tools to cater the specialized technical demand in the field of switchgear. Rongdian Switchgear Factory adopts automatic assembling and production line of high and low switchgear, electricity distribution cabinet and other electricity equipment. 

Rongian Switchgear Factory adopts various automatic production line of switchgear, which include assembling line of switchgear, production line of control panel, assembing and production line of Ring Main Unit switchgear, production line of GIS gas insulated switchgear, production line of electricity distribution cabinet or box, automatic assembling and production line of Gas Insulated Switchgear, automatic assembling and production line of low voltage withdrawable switchgear, assembling line of movable switchgear and so on. We can finish those processes of assembling, wiring, testing, packaging for those switchgears in the assembling and production line. Those automatic assembling and production line comprises of cabinet body assembled, smart shuttle car, standard station, pressure resistant and off line stations, which can meet demand of all model switchgear. It promotes the smooth transition of various switchgear products from discrete assembling operations to streamlined centralized operations, having realized full automatic production, which not only enhances the image of Rongdian Switchgear Factory and improves customer' trust, but also helps Rongdian Switchgear stand out in the fierce competition market. Including below automatic assembling and production line of various models switchgears, switchboards, panel boards, switch gear panels or switch gear boards:

01 Trolley Model Production Line of Ring Main Unit Switchgear

02 Automatic assembling and testing production line of GIS gas insulated switchgear 

03 Automatic assembling and testing production line of Ring Main Unit Switchgear

04 Automatic assembling and testing production line of switchgear

05 Automatic assembling production line of Low Voltage Withdrawable switchgear

06 Automatic storing system

07 Transferring line of switchgear

08 Assembling and production line of High and Low voltage switchgear

09 Production line of busbar

10 Production line of copper busway

11 Processing workshop of Metal sheet

12 Production line of electricity distribution cabinet or box 

Below features for automatic assembling and production line of switchgear

(1). The shuttle is made by non-metallic silent wheel set, low running noise.

(2). The working station adopts aluminum frame and galvanized double row power roller. The station module is equipped with standard electric source, which is convenient for operators to use various tools.

(3). The process of assembling cabinet body adopts horizontally packed method, which is convenient for workers. The turning mechanism is placed inside the equipment, simple and beautiful outing shape, saving space and improving safety.

(4).Testing line of assembling cabinet adopt double row unpowered roller.